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Dr pimple popper full episodes youtube

Pimple Popper just ended the workweek with a super-satisfying pop: a huge, inflamed cyst on a man's chin. In the new video, shared Friday afternoon, dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD tackles the painful-looking cyst that actually looks like a gum ball stuck in a man's cheek.

While you could head over to Dr. Pimple Popper's YouTube page to see the full minute video, her Instagram video definitely suffices in this case.

At first, Dr. Pimple Popper gives the patient some local anesthetic so he won't have to feel the big pop. Then, out comes her scalpel—Dr.

Pimple Popper feels around the patient's cyst a bit to see where she should make an incision. The contents of the cyst are so loose under the skin that they actually shifts underneath the surface. And boy, is this sucker is ready to go. The moment she cuts into it and applies the slightest pressure, murky liquid bursts out. There's even a slow-mo replay of this moment in the video. P says and she reaches for gauze to soak up the uh, cyst juice.

After the initial pop, Dr.

dr pimple popper full episodes youtube

P starts pushing around the small incision, and that's when gunk comes pouring out. Just when you think it's done, there's more. It's basically the cyst that keeps on giving. P explains, meaning that the sac that typically contains all the gunk inside a cyst is broken, so the goo is just free-flowing. When she finishes cleaning out the white goo, the man's chin looks completely different—no more bump, inflammation, or pressure on his skin.

I'm happy for him, and for all the "popaholics" who got to watch that bad boy get taken down. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

dr pimple popper full episodes youtube

Pimple Popper just posted a video to Instagram that shows her popping a large, inflamed cyst on a man's chin. It only takes a tiny incision and barely any pressure for it to explode with puss. Once she's done removing the goo, the man's chin is back to its normal size.

View this post on Instagram. Related Story. Kristin Canning Kristin Canning is the health editor at Women's Health, where she assigns, edits and reports on emerging health research and technology, women's health conditions, psychology, mental health, wellness entrepreneurs, and the intersection of health and culture for both print and digital.

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Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Pop a Face Full o' Blackheads in Her Newest YouTube Video

More From Health. Health Dr.Pimple Popper. Watch now. Pimple Popper: This is Zit. Can't get enough Dr. Pimple Popper? See even more pops on This is Zit! Where Are They Now? Check back in with Dr. Lee's most unforgettable patients! The 12 Pops of Christmas. Hallelujah, it's the most wonderful time of the year! This Holiday season, cysts are a-popping, lipomas are dropping, and Dr.

Lee's in good cheer. Full Episodes. Sandra Lee. Sandra Lee is on a mission to help her patients understand their skin better and change their lives in the process.

Counting On. Getting through customs is just the beginning. The Little Couple. Cake Boss.Sandra Lee, MD—aka Dr. Pimple Popper—treats a patient with blackheads all over his face. Pimple Popper gifts us with plenty of graphic cyst and lipoma removals, but sometimes, what her viewers really want is a good ol' fashioned blackhead video. That's what fans got in the newest YouTube video from Dr. Pimple Popper account. In the 8-minute video, Lee treats a patient with big, dark blackheads all over his face, from his forehead down to his jawline area.

Maybe we've just gotten spoiled by Lee's super-juicy blackhead videos in the past, but this one isn't quite as satisfying as some of the others. We were expecting giant towers of pus spiraling out of the dude's face, but there weren't any super-massive eruptions—just a lot of mini pops.

If you want to see the most dramatic pops in the video, skip ahead to the 6-minute mark and check out the blackheads on the man's forehead. Now that's what we're looking for. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Watch Dr. Pimple Popper's newest YouTube video here:.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Health. Health Dr.Sandra Lee, MD to face a particularly bloody wedge of lipoma or freakishly large blackhead for the chill-inducing date.

Lee to use scissors and tongs to wrestle out a large intact, egg-white mass of flopping skin debris. Such things are not causes for fear and shuddering on Dr. Actually, Lee sounds downright exuberant. You might enjoy that if you have watched these videos before. The cyst was particularly thick sac wall.

A sac structure grows around a cyst and can even develops its own keratin production systemenlarging the skin abnormality. Once the sac is gone, all that's left is a blood-red crater! Lee, before stitching up the incision. This upload of the video on this date was not incidental. Lee and her patient note the video was filmed on some Friday the 13th, and ruminate on the nature of superstition.

In some rooms, a massive cyst and extraction of a wad of tissue from the body using a metal tools is a glum and gross affair. In the office of Dr.

Sneak Peek: Dr. Pimple Popper Returns on TLC!

Pimple Popper, it makes for the most upbeat Friday the 13th ever. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The cyst has a particularly large and intact sac wall, a key part of cyst anatomy. Sandra Lee MD performs a clean removal and stitches up the incision. Lee and her patient sound downright pumped for this. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Health. Health Watch Dr.In a new Instagram video, Dr. And the famed derm even uses an innovative new tool to make sure the growth is gone for good.

In the video, the boy says he has had a pair of keloids for a year, with the growths occurring after he got his ear pierced. The keloids formed around the piercing site on the underside of his earlobe, growing to be quite large in size. During the procedure, Dr. Lee uses a pair of surgical scissors to snip off the keloids.

The famed derm encounters hard calcium collections inside of the growth along the way, turning the keloids into a "diamond" mine. Lee tells the patient. Lee is careful to remove all of the keloidal tissue, as it greatly decreases the chance the growth will return. Usually a person knows when their keloid is active because it itches or is painful.

People of color are at a higher risk of keloids than white people, and young people between the age of are also at increased risk.

Unfortunately, this teen fits both target demographics for the skin concern. In this video, Dr. Lee uses an innovative type of radiation therapy to treat the area in order to discourage the keloid from returning. Type keyword s to search.

Dr. Pimple Popper Dug Deep Into Logan Paul's Back to Pop a Hardened Cyst

Today's Top Stories. RTimages Getty Images. Keloids occur when scar tissue from a trauma, like a cut or burn, gets "hyperexcited and grows beyond the bounds of the original wound. Lee uses a type of radiation therapy to treat the area in order to discourage the keloid from returning. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Health. Health Dr.Available Full Episodes. An EAR-esistible Pop. Pimple Popper: This is Zit. With his chest steatocystomas popped, Tahj gives us a look at his life post Dr.

Pimple Popper. Although Amber's was one of Dr. Lee's most emotional visits, her appearance on the show opened up the door for her to be a leading voice for her condition. Find out what Hawaiian John's life is now like after the removal of his supple side lipoma. Check back in with southern belle Carla to see if her multiple scalp cysts have returned.

dr pimple popper full episodes youtube

Taylor's confidence took a hit due to her spinal dysraphism. Find out how her life has changed after Dr. Lee cut out that pesky lipoma. Because keloids are notoriously difficult to treat, Dr. Lee was very careful during Amber's appointment. See if her procedure did the trick! Check in with schoolteacher Barb as she reminisces what it was like to have her heartshaped back lipoma removed.

Chuck shares his experience since leaving his "Popeye" lipoma with Dr. See how Jose's life has changed after Dr. Lee removed his "ball". Montana man Patrick reports how his nose has developed post-Rhinophyma. Sisters Cheri and Janice discuss life without lumps as they bond over their love for Dr.

Leonard shares what life is like without a "Chip" on his shoulder. Check back in with aspiring model Taylore to see whether her keloid elf ears have grown back. Check in to see how Yami's dancing career has evolved since braving surgery with Dr. Lee to remove her avocado-sized cyst. Patients of Dr. Brad Schaeffer and Dr. Ebonie Vincent undergo surgery to have their feet radically transformed and their lives changed forever.

My Feet Are Killing Me.It isafter all. Pimple Popper videos. Pimple Popper, aka Dr. Sandra Leehas more than 3 million followers on Instagram. In fact, a psychology professor once told Glamour that seeking these videos out is akin to the desire to visit a haunted house or watch horror movies.

I scoured Dr. Want more? Here are some weirdly mesmerizing blackhead removal videos. Christopher Rosa is the staff entertainment writer at Glamour. Follow him on Twitter at chrisrosa We brought in three of Dez's exes, Zee, Jason, and Rico, and asked each about their experience dating her. Where did they meet? Where did they go on dates? What were their nicknames? What was the worst thing they did to each other? Why did they break up? What did they fight over?

Find out all that and more in "All My Exes. By Macaela MacKenzi e. This week, the cosmic Aphrodite gusts fresh winds of change into relationships.

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